F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of enquiries via the Helpline & email, often asking the same questions. Thus we’ve listed the most common ones below: Q: What is an NA meeting? A: Meetings are where you can find support from others who have already been where you are now. Come along, no appointment necessary, and you’ll see others getting clean & staying clean. Hopefully this will inspire you to believe you can do it too. Come as often as you like, (it’s free), as this helps build up a resistance to temptation. Then soon you’ll be inspiring others to get clean too. That’s how it works, we all help each other to do something we cannot do alone. Q: I’m still using, can I attend? A: Yes, come along. That’s how many of us got clean – through regular attendance, the courage to quit grew within us. Q: Can I just turn up at meetings? A: Absolutely; it’s very laid back. Your local meeting is run by members who were also newcomers once, so you will get a warm welcome. It doesn’t even matter if you’re late. Just walk in, get yourself a cup of tea, sit down & listen. Q: Is NA religious? A: No, not at all. The word god is mentioned in the readings, but it’s really a nick-name for anything that you choose as your higher power. One needs a higher power to help in the process of Recovery. A lot of non-religious members choose the group, everyone who’s at the meeting they attend, the support network they build by coming regularly & their sponsor. Q: I am addicted to prescription drugs. Do I still qualify? A: Yes, it’s not a specific drug which defines addicts, it’s whether we have an addictive personality. If you want to stop, but cannot on your own, you qualify. Q: What does “Open to all” mean? A: “Open to all” meetings welcome everyone, so you could bring a friend with you, but if attending, they should identify themselves as such, and should refrain from speaking. Meetings marked as “Open to addicts only” are just for addicts, plus people who suspect they have a problem with addiction. Q: What is a sponsor? A: A sponsor is someone who can help guide you through the steps. You need to attend regularly and eventually you will hear someone [of the same sex] who you really identify with, and respect their Recovery. This is the person to ask to be your sponsor. Q: What is a topic meeting? A: Some meetings have a speaker who tells their story, but others choose a reading from the literature on a particular topic. Q: Is there a contact numbers for meetings? A: Most of the meetings have contact(s) what you can find on the meeting list. Q: Can I find out about meetings on this website? A: Yes.