1. This page is for those NA members and NA groups who wish to carry the message to Hospitals and Institutions. The following link is showing a map and contacts of the Hungarian hospitals and institutions where the NA H&I presents itself.: Map

H&I basics –

Who Is Best Suited for Carrying the NA Message in an H&I Meeting? In our experience, it is best for members to have three months clean before attending an H&I committee meeting as an observer, and six months clean before speaking at an H&I meeting. It is not necessary for us to have been in a similar facility ourselves; any member who is willing to be oriented and trained and to share a clear and consistent Narcotics Anonymous message is well suited for H&I work. What is the clean message of NA? You never have to use again if you dont want to! An addict, anya addict, can stop using drugs, loose the desire to use and find a new way to live! Our message is the promise of hope and freedom. DO’S Make directories of outside meetings and NA helpline numbers available to potential members so they can find NA upon release.  Start and end on time! Clearly state that Narcotics Anonymous is separate from the facility and from other fellowships. Obey the dress code and exercise common sense. Conduct orientation and/or training sessions for all members involved in H&I service. Meet with facility staff on a regular basis to check on how NA is doing in the facility and to hear how we could improve. Ensure that a clear NA message of recovery is carried by all panel members. Clarify the rules to whomever you bring into the facility, or have them attend an orientation if the facility offers one. Emphasize that NA recovery is available to all addicts regardless of drug(s) used. Involve potential members in the meeting, especially in long-term facilities (NA meeting readings, etc). Screen all panel members, speakers, and chairpersons. Attempt to get all agreements with the facility in writing. Adhere to the security regulations at all times. Dont’s Conduct an H&I meeting or presentation alone. Give any inmate or client within the facility your address or telephone number. Break another person’s anonymity. Get involved in discussions on outside issues; don’t forget why we are there. Discuss facility staff members with inmates. Show favoritism to any resident(s). Bring an NA member who has friends and/or family in the facility. Accept money or gifts from, or give money or gifts to, any inmate. Emphasize using days while sharing an NA message of recovery. Use excessive profanity. Debate any issues involving facility rules, regulations, programs, or other fellowships. Discuss conditions within the facility. Wear flashy jewelry, and don’t carry excessive cash. Take messages or carry letters in or out of the facility. Ask what type of crime an inmate has been convicted of, or discuss guilt or innocence.   For additional information please look for the local H&I coordinators (contacts can be found in the following link at the map) or at the H&I email address: